"Can't Say Goodbye"

by Izzy Mack



"Can't Say Goodbye" is Izzy telling the world how it is in the hood and his outlook. Izzy explains how he sees the hood and why he feels like he has to leave the hood... but he can't say goodbye!

You Can Take The Man Out Of The Streets But You Can't Take The Streets Out Of The Man!!!!!


I come from the bottom knowing all about the streets
Music is the scapegoat putting pain up on these beats
Live from North Philly that's where I reside
Living on the same block where my homie died
You live and you learn so I don't got no concern
I've experienced a great loss, watch what I earn
I can't escape the memories, got shaped into a man
Imma die in the hood like Trayvon I got my can
The only way I would leave is if I was banned
But my hood card strong know exactly where I stand
When it comes to land I want miles, acres
That's why I kick my shit like David Akers
I come from the bottom, I hail from the six
Don't worry about my sleeve I got a bag full of tricks
Pause, pause hold your applause
Izzy Mack is well gifted feeling like Santa Clause
Can't say goodbye but I gotta leave
And take time off consider this my leave
In "Hollywood Dreamin" said one of my favorite lines
So it's only right to say it again for old times
(The hood lives in me so I don't gotta live in it
Make it out the hood cuz it's money that I gotta get)
Moving closer to it
Checks like Nike I just do it
Music the way out man I knew it
When it comes dreams don't tlk pursue it
It's all black everything so they try to bleach us
Get the crowd screaming like moms up in the bleachers
Young nigga in the hood I seen it all what can they teach us
Got the wingspan of a midget yeah they can't reach us
Moving fast can't keep my pace
Gained a lot of position up in this race
Started from the bottom so I know my place
If you can't remember the name just know the face
Izzy Mack I'm leaving I'll be back tho
One-eye salute the hood is wherever I go


released April 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Izzy Mack Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My name is Izzy Mack. I'm from North Philadelphia (born and raised). I'm 19. I attend IUP. I make good, high quality music and all I can do is tell you to take a LISTEN!!!!

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